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Study in Singapore

It’s paradisaical to live and study in Singapore for students because this city was given the ranking of “Best Student Cities” in the year 2013 by QS. It provides an amazing quality of life whilst your educational stay here. Singapore is also a safe place to reside as per the ranking of no. 2 given by Trip Adviser in its rankings of world safest cities.
After getting enrollment in any of the universities in Singapore, it’s also easy to get a study pass. The pass is available for graduation as well as master study in Singapore and can be applied for in time duration of two weeks of receiving the approval from any university.

After the approval letter for the study pass is received, it can be shown at the entry point in the country.
The students can have plenty of action while they are in this city for their educational stay. This city has multitude of nightclubs and restaurants. It has opportunities for shopping with malls located at every nook and corner of the city. The most beautiful attractions in Singapore are Gardens by the Bay (consisting of Flower Dome and Heritage Gardens) and Chijmes(a downtown shopping and dining center). It’s also extremely simple to travel in this country due to the presence of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System.

The city’s focus on education is also very high. The students have no problem gaining education here because English is the official language used for education here.
Singapore has become a renowned educational destination for students with world ranking universities in Singapore like Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. So, students can benefit by becoming a part of the best universities in the world.
Another reason to study in Singapore is the least amount of corruption in this country. As per the rankings given by Corruption Perceptions Index, this country has very low corruption levels. The students have extraordinary placement opportunities after passing out from from any Singapore university. There are an immense number of MNCs which are located here like, approximately 7,000 in number. These MNCs belong to different companies like those in Europe, Japan and United States. In fact, the students can have extraordinary employment opportunities, which is manifested by the fact that almost 44% of the workforce of this country consists of people not hailing from this country.
We at World Visa help students in getting admission problems alleviated for any Singapore university.

Universities or Colleges where our students have gone :

• National University of Singapore
• Nanyang Technological University
• Singapore Polytechnic
• Dimension International College
• Singapore Institute of technology
• James Cook University Singapore
• Victoria Junior College
• Singapore University of Technology & design
• SIM University
• Boston Business School


Universities across Singapore offer education in many fields and also give you opportunity to study in the world’s best institutions.

• Arts & Design
• Business Administration
• Finance & Economics
• Engineering
• Fashion & Textile
• Hotel Management, Culinary/Pastry/Cookery
• Information Technology
• Management & Commerce
• Physical Education and Sports
• Psychology, Counseling and Social Sciences
• Research, PHD
• Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy & Health
• Mass Communication
• Advertising & Communication
• Chef Program
• Education
• Environmental Science
• Finance & Commerce
• Informatics and Business Systems
• Law
• Dentistry & Health
• Politics and Policy
• Tourism
• Science & Technology
• Sports Management
• Public Administration


LSBF: Imparting education for a paying career ahead

London School of Business and Finance(LSBF) is one of the crown jewels of the Singapore education scene. It has programs which are suited to the needs of the industry.  The school has really won accolades for its dynamic performance ensuring that its student’s careers are driven by success due to their association with it.  The school has been recognized as one of the best private schools in domains of Accountancy and Hospitality and Tourism in the year 2016. Due to the quality of superior education provided by it, LSBF is now providing education to 10,000 students belonging to 20 countries from all over the world.

The school provides education in the different domains through its six faculties which are School of Professional Education, School of Hospitality, School of Business, Chinese Business Development, School of English, Executive Development and Online Unit.

The school is focused on creating a unique learning endeavor for students which has made it the recipient of the Asia Enterprise Brand Award in the year 2016. The college also has many international educational partners which have enhanced its prestige worldwide. Notable among these partners are Concordia University of Chicago and Grenoble Graduate School of Business. Students are astonished with the amalgamation of learning and practice they receive here.


Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (1 year 2 months)


Classes are held for a period of 8 months and internship for half a year


  • Completed class XIIth

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (1 year 2 months)


  • The student should possess either a LSBF Diploma in International Hospitality Management or a diploma from a local polytechnic in a critical domain from their native country

Dimensions International College

A high class education is of a paramount significance for starting a career in today’s times. Times are changing rapidly due to which the requirements from a corporate employee have expanded tremendously.  This is the reason why students pick up a premier institute for pursuing their education.

Dimensions International College is one such college which has all the facilities for students to receive an upgraded education.

The university is catering to the needs of different students from diploma, graduation to post graduation courses. This institution has 5 faculties through which students can pursue a desirable course.

The various faculties are School of Languages, School of Hospitality, WSQ courses
(Workforce Skills Qualifications)School of Higher Education and Dimensions High School.

There are many comprehensive courses like BA(Hons ) in International Hospitality Management. The WSQ course is a faculty which is offering courses to students to make them specialize in specific skills required to perform excellently in their work place. Currently, this school is providing courses for enhancing the skills of those employed in the Food and Beverage industry. The certification of this school is provided by Workforce Development Agency.  The teacher-student ratio is desirable at 1:35.


Diploma in Hotel Management (20 months including 14 months training in the college and the rest in a hotel)

Recognized by Pearson Education limited of UK


  • Students needs to be a 10th pass out at minimum
  • The minimum age of a student should be 17 years

Post graduate diploma in Professional Hospitality Management (1 year including 6 months training in the college and the rest in a hotel)


  • The age of the student should be 21 years
  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree

Diploma in Retail Management (1 year including 6 months training in the college and the rest as an intern)


  • He should be 18 years old for pursuing internship
  • There is also a test held for the Internship which consists of technical test and a performance test.

Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management (1 year including 6 months training in the college and the rest in a hotel)

Recognized by Pearson Education limited of UK


  • The age of the candidate should be atleast 18 years
  • The candidate should be having a diploma in Hotel Management

Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (8 months training in a college)


  • The age of the candidate should be 18 years at the time of application
  • The candidate should be having a diploma in Logistics and Supply chain management

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (8 months training in a college)


  • The age of the candidate should be 17 years old
  • He should have spent 11 years in schooling

SIM University: Education for the corporate world

Singapore institute of Management(SIM) is responsible for churning out talented corporate employees and entrepreneurs year after year. With the resulted oriented management courses of this university, there has been an amazing increase in the enrollment in this university.

The students rely on this institution as a first class education provider and trust it for providing courses and tutelage par excellence.  The programs of this university have been customized depending on the situations and aspirations of students from different backgrounds.  The curriculum of this university for different programs is constantly under the review of different academic governance bodies.

SIM is constantly on the radar of the Committee for Private Education of Singapore. In fact, SIM Global Education was one of the most initial universities to have been honored by the EduTrust certification for imparting extraordinary education.

The university now provides education of value to students so that they are able to become leaders of the modern corporate world.  Throughout their academic courses, the students are nurtured through a variety of educational activities including networking and extracurricular courses for professional development. The university believes in an amalgamation of the holistic and professional development of a student.  The students can also join this university if they want to not only pursue education bt also turn out as dynamic personalities.

James Cook University: Providing fantastic education in Singapore

One of the most renowned colleges in Singapore, James Cook has become a landmark for quality education. This university is a branch of the main campus located in Australia. It has led to so many career oriented innovations for the students.  The university is now offering courses in different subjects to students which include Marine Sciences, Genomics, Engineering and Tourism.

Fully facilitated for students, the university has libraries, and a range of sports which can be practiced by students. Apart from that, all the students are provided with an iPad when their education starts so that they can study in the most modern way.

This university is offering courses in all the streams for the benefits of students. The various courses are in Accounting, Information Technology, Education, Games Design and Psychology.  The degrees are conferred in collaboration with the James Cook University of Australia.

The courses of the James Cook University are very effective for students with a combination of all the skills including IT, and decision making. These courses are designed to facilitate the entry of students into MNCs and get the maximum yield from the money invested into education. The university also offers pathway programs so that the students can start first hand with their programs if they can’t qualify for admission into the graduate program.


MBA (16 months part time)


  • Modules based on a 4 week structure
  • 9 hours class in 1st week
  • Two 3 hours and 1 nine hour classes in 2nd and 3rd weeks
  • Exams in the 4th week



The chosen candidates for this program should have a 4 years undergraduate degree

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process to apply in Singapore?
Application process varies between Institutes you can check with the Institute or University of your choice or you can contact us and our counselors will help you with the process.

2. Do I need to Give any English Test like IELTS/TOEFL to apply in Singapore?
NO, IELTS/TOEFL is not mandatory in Singapore. A letter from your last institution stating that your education was in English is required.

3. Is there an application fee to apply?
Yes some of the Institutes do have application fee . In some cases you can avail the fee waivers which are available with us.

4. When should I start my application process?
You should start your application process at least 6-8 months prior to the commencement.

5. What is the Duration of Bachelors and Masters Degree in Singapore?
You can finish your Bachelors in 2 years but some of the courses have minimum duration of 3-4 years as well. Masters degree you can finish in 1 -1.5 years. Because of less breaks during your study you will be able to finish early as compare to other countries.

6. Can I work Part Time while studying?
Yes if you are studying in Govt Universities of Singapore you can work part time. Students studying in private institutes cannot work part time. Paid Internships options are available while studying and after finish the study in Singapore.

7. What are the possibilities of getting a scholarship? How do I apply for them?
The counselors at World Visa will be able to guide you about the same.

8. What are the intakes in Singapore?
Main Intakes are Feb and July however some colleges may offer Sept/Nov intakes as well.

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