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Study in Australia has become an attractive option for students because it can help you to become a part of reputed universities in this country.
To be eligible to get the visa 500 which is a study in Australia visa, it’s important that you are able to get the registration for an Australian fulltime curriculum course. Moreover, for studying in universities in Australia, it’s crucial that you are provided a certificate of enrolment (COE) from a university that is registered with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas for Overseas Students). It’s also important to note that a letter of offer from the designated education provider won’t be sufficient for the granting of the study visa. You can’t be granted the study visa for universities in Australia if you don’t have COE.
It’s also important that you are able to present apt welfare arrangements for your educational stay in Australia if your age is below 18 years.
The granting of visa for Australian universities and school depends on the duration of the course also. For example, if the duration of the course is greater than 10 months and is supposed to finish by November-December, then the visa will be provided till March 15 of next year.
But if the duration of the course is more than 10 months and its finish period is January-October, then the granting period of this visa will be two months more than the length of the course. However, if the duration of the course is less than 10 months or lower, then the duration of the visa will be one month more than the length of the course.
There are various tests also for which a student can appear if he has to prove his efficiency in the English language, otherwise he should be prepared to enroll himself in an ELICOS course along with his designated course.
The minimum score required in IELTS is 5.5 without pursuance of an ELICOS course, however if the student is willing to pursue an ELICOS course in Australia for a duration of 20 weeks alongside his course, then this score isn’t required. With a score lower than 5.5, like 4.5, he has to pursue a 20 weeks duration ELICOS course and a 10 weeks course for a score of 5. Similarly a student needs to score 527 in TOEFL paper based exam otherwise he needs to appear for an ELICOS of 20 weeks duration with his course and can easily sail away with a TOEFL score of 450.
The students also need to provide enough evidence of funds for their education in this country at least for a period of a year. Such evidence of funds can be in different forms including government loans, loans from financial institutions, deposits of money in bank accounts and Australian scholarships. Either the student should provide a proof of his funds or he can show that he has an annual income of 60,000 Australian dollars. We World Visa are doing a commendable job as study in Australia consultants and have helped our clients get admission in reputed Australian universities.
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Name of the Universities

University of Wollongong
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Griffith University
University of Canberra
Edith Cowan University
University of Tasmania
University of South Australia
James Cook University
Federation University
Federation University with ATMC
Federation University with Melbourne Institute of technology (MIT)
Charles Darwin University
Central Queensland University
Latrobe University
University of Southern Queensland
Monash University
University of Sydney
Australian Catholic University
Swinburne University
University of Western Australia
Bond university
Victoria University


• Arts & Design
• Business Administration
• Finance & Economics
• Engineering
• Fashion & Textile
• Hotel Management, Culinary/Pastry/Cookery
• Information Technology
• Management & Commerce
• Physical Education and Sports
• Psychology, Counseling and Social Sciences
• Research, PHD
• Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy & Health
• Mass Communication
• Advertising & Communication
• Chef Program
• Education
• Environmental Science
• Finance & Commerce
• Informatics and Business Systems
• Law
• Dentistry & Health
• Politics and Policy
• Tourism
• Science & Technology
• Sports Management
• Public Administration

Entry Requirements


• Diploma: Minimum 50% in class 12th.
• Bachelors: Minimum academic percentage required is around 60%.
• Foundation / Packaged program are available for the students who are not directly eligible for the Bachelors Program.

English Language Requirements:-
• Diploma: Overall 5.5, with no band less than 5.0
• Bachelors: Overall 6.0, with no band less than 5.5
• Masters : Overall 6.5, with no band less than 6.0
Pre-sessional English Language Program (ELICOS/EAP) is available in Australian Universities for the students who do not meet the IELTS requirements of the University.



Estimated Total Cost for two years Masters Program
1 AUD = Rs. 54/- Approx.

IELTS Coaching — Rs.5500
IELTS Exam Fees — Rs.10,600
Tuition Fees of University for 2 years (A$ 44000 approx) —– Rs. 23,76,000
Living Cost ——- Rs. 8,10,000
Airfare from India to Australia —— Rs.40,000
Visa Fees —– Rs.31,600
Total Expenses —— Rs.32,73,700
Total earning on working Visa ——- Rs.35,94,000
Net Earning ———– Rs.3,20,300
Scholarships ——— Limited for very High Academics
Nature of Part Time Jobs ——— Off Campus 40 hrs per fortnight

Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

1. New Visa   framework called Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) will be introduced from 1 July 2016.

2. Under SSVF,  current 7 student visa subclasses of 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575 and 576 will be abolished and one new subclass 500 will be introduced representing all student visas.

3.  Assessment Level Framework and current Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP) will be abandoned. Instead the risk level will depend on the risk level of the country of passport and the education provider; ‘Low Risk’ or ‘High Risk’

4. If the education provider and the country of passport are considered ‘low risk’ it will be possible to lodge the student visa application without evidence of English and Financial capacity.

5. If the country of passport  and education provider are  considered to be ‘high risk’ , English language requirement will depend on whether the course is coupled with an ELICOS as follows;



10 Weeks ELICOS

20 Weeks ELICOS


5.5 Average

5 Average

4.5 Average

TOEFL (Paper)*

















B Pass

B Pass

B Pass

6. If the country of passport  and the education provider are  considered to be ‘high risk’, Financial Capacity needs to be shown by providing one of the following;

Evidence of funds to cover travel to Australia, living cost for 12 months and 12 month course fees  or
Evidence of meeting the income requirement

Financial capacity as required under A above will be assessed as follows;

Living cost $19,830 – main applicant, $6,940 – partner, $2,970 – each dependent child
Schooling cost for dependent child – $8,000
Travel expenses – $,000 for each person
Course fees for the first 12 months

There is no restriction as to who should provide financial support and Funds can be shown by evidencing;

Deposits with a bank or financial institution
Loan from a financial institution

Income requirement as required under B above is described as follows;

Student’s parents or spouse will need to show official government documentation ( e.g – Tax Assessment) for the 12 month prior to the visa application as follows;

$60,000 – single applicant

$70,000 – applicant with dependents

7. Under the SSVF, all countries and education providers registered with CRICOS are allocated an immigration risk rating from 1-3. (rating 1 will represent the lowest risk while rating 3 will represent the highest risk).

8. The combined risk of the country and the education provider will determine the level of financial capacity and English for the student concerned. The following table is shown as an illustration of this.

Immigration Risk of

Education Provider

Immigration Risk of Country
















*S – Streamlined ( No financial and English requirement)

*R – Regulatory (financial and English requirements to be shown)

9. The risk rating of the country and the education provider are not published and can only be known through the online client service tool which will be functional from 1 July 2016. The risk ratings of countries and education providers are continuously assessed and reviewed periodically.

10. The Department will continue with ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ (GTE) requirement. Case officers will continue to request explanations regarding how the course is relevant, why they have chosen to study in Australia etc.

11. From 1 July 2016, students are prohibited to change to a lower level course. They should study at the same AQF Level or higher. A student who swapped to a lower course will be held in breach of visa condition and may be liable to cancellation of visa.

12.  All international students will be required to apply student visa online.

13. The Department will aim to finalise all complete visa applications within one month of lodgement.

14. SSVF only applies to student visa applications lodged from 1 July 2016 and will not affect the visas of existing student visa holders. However if a family member wants to join a existing student visa holder he or she will have to apply under new visa subclass 500.

15. Under the SSVF, there is no limitation on the maximum duration of ELICOS study that could be undertaken.

16. Student guardians will have to apply for a new Student Guardian Visa subclass 590. and need to apply online.

17. International students outside Australia must be enrolled in a registered course of study and provide a COE when they lodge the student visa application. Students in Australia can apply with a letter of offer or a COE but must obtain a COE to be granted the visa.


 Paper Based Visa


Melbourne Institute of Technology

Program Name Value & Total value of scholarship:

1) Master of Networking  –  $2000 (total course fee)

2) Bachelor Networking  –  $3000 ( total course fee)

3) Bachelor of Engineering Technology ( Telecommunications) –  $4500 ( total course fee)

4) Master of Engineering ( Telecommunications) – $ 3000 (total course fee)

Undergraduate programs:

  • IELTS (Academic) overall score 6.0 with no band below 5.5
  • Minimum 60% average marks in Senior Secondary Certificate or equivalent with no fails.
  • No more than 12 months gap in study & Must pass MIT’s GTE criteria.

Post Graduate programs:

  • Successful completion of Australian equivalent Bachelor degree in IT, Computer Science, Telecommunications or Networks, Computer Systems, Electronics, or Electrical Engineering.
  • IELTS (Academic) overall score 6.0 with no individual band score below 5.5.
  • No more than 10 backlogs for a 4-year Bachelor degree. Backlogs in the final year will not be accepted.
  • No backlogs for a 3-year degree.
  • No more than 1.5 years gap in study.
  • Must pass MIT’s GTE criteria.


Every year Deakin Univerisity offers scholarships to international students as they believe in giving a fair chance to students with average grades to meritorious grades. The table below is a numeric representation of the scholarships that Deakin is offering in 2016.
2016 Scholarships for the BSE – Deakin Master of International finance (MIF) Program for the Upcoming July 2016 BSE Intake:

Academic % BSE Sch. BSE Fee Deakin Sch. Deakin Fee   After Sch.   Total Fee
    INR   AUD (1 AUD = 48 INR)   (1 AUD = 48 INR)  
55% to 59% 15% 500000 10% $53625 2574000 425000 2316600 2741600
60% to 64.9% 20% 500000 15% $53625 2574000 400000 2187900 2587900
65% to 74.9% 25% 500000 20% $53625 2574000 375000 2059200 2434200
75% and above 30% 500000 25% $53625 2574000 350000 1930500 2280500

Note: Sch. stands for Scholarship
So what are you all waiting for???
Opportunity knocks only once and rationality lies in accepting it. So start your application now with SIEC.


Postgraduate studies at the University of South Australia are designed to extend knowledge in
the high-demand industry areas of science, engineering, information technology and natural and
built environments.
The Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment consistently ranks in
the top one-third of Australian universities for research at world-class standards in engineering,
mathematical sciences, environmental sciences, information and computing sciences, chemical
sciences and urban and regional planning.
International Postgraduate Student High Achiever Tuition Grant
value = AUD$4,500*
For further information and details on eligibility criteria visit:


AUD 3000 for UG and AUD 5000 for PG students


Upto 50% of tuition fee due to 25th anniversary
Min 75% in Bachelors from Sec I (or 80% from Sec II) (aggregate of all semesters) if applying for PG OR min 90% in year 12 (best 4 subjects) if applying for UG (Till 30th may)


25% of first year tuition fee, up to a maximum of AUD 10,000
Students who enroll in a Curtin English program before undertaking their study at the University will receive a 10 per cent discount on Curtin English fees.


AUD 5000 for first fee payment and AUD 3000 for scholarships defered to 2015
Student must atleast study 4 semesters for UG and 3 semesters for PG
Undergraduate scholarships – AUD 5000  a year on the annual tuition fees for sem 1, 2016, applications closing date is 1st Dec 2015
Post graduate scholarships – AUD 5000 a year for maximum of 2 years, closing date is 15th Nov 2015.
Interested students must have an offer for a selected RMIT program in the areas of science, engineering, computing and information technology, and healthcare.


Study grant – AUD 5000, Leadership scholarship – 100% tuition fee, IT scholarship – AUD 5000-7000 per annum and Merit scholarship – 10000 per annum


AUD 6000 for 2 years masters, Global leadership masters-AUD 4000, For ELICOS and doing masters – 50% ELICOS fees plus AUD 6000, For foundation/unilink diploma- upto AUD 7000


50% scholarships for business, tourism and science courses for 1st three semesters


Vice chancellor scholarship – 25% of the tuition fee


Academic merit scholarship – AUD 2000
The UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology is offering scholarships to outstanding international students commencing study in Autumn (March) Session 2016 of AUD 5000 .


20% scholarship


UG Civil engineering for bendigo campus – AUD 20000, Master of management scholarship – AUD 5000, MBA – AUD 10000, Master by coursework scholarship – AUD 5000, Academic excellence scholarship – AUD 10000- AUD20000


Profile 1:

Name: Amaya Mathur
Qualification: Std. 12th with 52%
IELTS: Overall 5.5 with no band less than 5.5
What Options can be given to this student??
Observation: Students’ academics & IELTS are low.
Remarks: Entry requirements of Canada, USA & UK are high. Student is not directly eligible for Bachelors Program.
Solution: Packaged Program i.e., 1 yr diploma leading to 2nd yr of bachelors in Edith Cowan University is possible. Requirements of Packaged program are:
Academics: Minimum 50%
IELTS: 5.5 with no band less than 5.0
Outcome: Successful visa received.

Profile 2:

Name: Irshad Ahmad
Qualification: BDS with 55%
IELTS: Overall 8.0 with no band less than 7.0
Requirement: Business Program
Background: Canada Visa Refusal.

What options can be given to this student???
Observation: Irrelevant masters’ is required by student.
Remarks: Student got Canada rejection reason being master’s program opted by student (PG in Marketing) is not relevant with current education.
Solution: As per our experience, except for health science & engineering programs student with different background are eligible. In other words relevancy of degree is not a mandatory requirement, unless specified in the entry requirements.
Outcome: Offer letter received for Master of Business (Marketing) program from renowned university, QUT. Successful visa received.

Profile 3:

Name: Simran Arora
Qualification: Diploma of General Nursing of 3 years after std. 12th.
IELTS: Overall 7.0 with no band less than 6.0

What options can be given to this student???
Observation: Spouse case with 1 kid at bachelors’ level.
Remarks: Normally spouse cases are not encouraged at bachelor’s level.
Solution: As per our experience, if overall profile is strong (In the case IELTS+3 Yrs GNM Diploma), bachelors level spouse case can be accepted.
Outcome: Offer letter received for Bachelor of Nursing program with 1 year credit from ECU. Successful Visa received after interview by Visa Officer of the student.

Profile 4:

Name: Kuldeep Kaur
Qualification: Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) with 68%
IELTS: 6.0 with no band less than 5.5

What options can be given?
Observation: Student has low IELTS & most of the universities need higher IELTS for nursing courses.
Remarks: Normally Nursing courses require IELTS 7.0 with no band less than 6.5 & they are not packaged with ELICOS.
Solution: Suggested Bachelor of Nursing at QUT with ELICOS.
Outcome: Offer letter received successfully packaged with 22 weeks of ELICOS.

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