Sasketchwan PNP (SINP)

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) can provide an alternate and quicker means of entry into Canada. It allows Saskatchewan to nominate applicants, who qualify under criteria established by the province, to the federal government for landed immigrant status.
The SINP offers:
• The ability to select applicants whose skills and abilities best fit the province’s labour market needs;
• Application processing times that are competitive; and,
• Assistance from provincial immigration officers who are available to explain program requirements and process.
PROCEDURAL GUIDELINES – The SINP System for Applicants
• Applications can only be submitted through the SINP’s online application system.
• Once the applicant has completed the online application and reached the Submit Confirmation page, the applicant will be required to confirm the application submission by clicking the Submit button.
• Applications are received by the SINP when the applicant clicks the “Submit” button online. Note: Once the application is submitted, you will receive no further notifications about your application until it is pre-screened.
• Applications are date stamped electronically once submitted, and a file number is assigned to each application upon submission.
II. PRE-SCREENING • Pre-screening is conducted to check that applications are “complete”. A “complete” application has all the documents listed in the document Checklist as outlined in the Application Guide. • If the application is deemed complete, a receipt confirmation letter will be sent to the email address provided in the application. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that their contact information is up-to-date. • If the application is deemed incomplete, the application will not be accepted and a letter will be sent by email to the applicant indicating which documents are needed to apply again. • An application with invalid supporting documents (i.e. blank, partial, unidentifiable or irrelevant) is considered incomplete.
III. BASIC REVIEW • Applications that successfully pass pre-screening will undergo a basic review. • A basic review is conducted to ensure that all the documents in the application package have the required information as per the description in the Supporting Documents section of the Application Guide. • If required, a letter will be sent to the applicant requesting additional documentation to be provided within 45 days. Applicants will be required to submit additional documents to 3 the SINP by email (instructions will be provided in the letter). • A reminder letter will be sent at 30 days. • When the SINP receives the requested documents, the application will continue to the next stage for criteria assessment. • If the requested documents are not received within the 45 day timeframe, the application will continue to the next stage for criteria assessment as it was originally submitted, which may result in the application being deemed ineligible.
IV. CRITERIA ASSESSMENT AND RECOMMENDATION • At this stage, the SINP will conduct eligibility criteria assessment and information verification. • A recommendation will be made based on the assessment to determine if the application is eligible for nomination, and will continue to the next stage for a review of the recommendation and a decision.

Prince Edward Island

If the candidate has already created an Express Entry Profile and are interested in living and working in Prince Edward Island, they have to complete an online form which serves as Express of Interest to immigrate to PEI .

Candidate must have the Express Entry profile .and fill the online application form which serves as Expression of Interest to PEI.

FEES: There is no fees applicable for PEI.

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