Located in western Canada, the region of Manitoba is a prosperous province in Canada.The candidates can migrate to this province through the provincial Nominee program which allows immigration through the express entry system.

The express entry system allows immigration under three categories in Manitoba:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Now what is skilled worker immigration category?
Under this immigration category, the candidates have to answer some questions online. Depending on the score received for those answers, a candidate’s eligibility for Expression Of Interest is determined i.e. if a candidate’s score based on his answers is among the highest scores, he is invited to submit an EOI. The profiles will then be judged against those in the pool.

Under the Manitoba skilled worker category, the skilled workers who are working as foreign temporary workers or foreign students who are serving as interns need to submit online applications, if they have a job opportunity from a Manitoba employer.

There is no point based evaluation which happens for workers in this category and they become automatically eligible for “Expression of Interest” pool.

Skilled worker overseas

Under this category, the skilled candidates who are not working in Canada are assessed against points. However they need to prove a strong bond with Manitoba through friends or family already residing here (Manitoba support).

Secondly they can also have gained education in Manitoba or have a past employment experience here (Manitoba experience).

Thirdly they can also be eligible through Manitoba invitation.

Apart from being eligible under any of the three above categories(Manitoba support or Manitoba experience or Manitoba invitation), the candidates need to mandatorily score 60 points out of 100 collectively under the five different categories of language proficiency, age, education, work experience and adaptability.

They will be given an opportunity to visit Manitoba in the exploratory visit scheme and shall have to meet the immigration office to explain the results of their visit and intention to settle in Manitoba. Once selected they can file the EOI to become eligible to get an Invitation and apply for migration.

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